Southern Star’s Digital Journey


Their Story & Their Goal

The Southern Star is a family owned, progressive local newspaper company covering West Cork and the surrounding areas. With a strong, trusted brand developed over the last 128 years, a weekly newspaper readership of 50,000 and a sizeable and growing web and social media audience, The Southern Star approached CMG with a view to redeveloping their web Content Management System and also to avail of CMG’s advisory services with regards growing their web audience further, online news publishing and social media management.


Their Solution

Celtic Media Group worked closely with The Southern Star to develop a website that would make the process of online journalism more efficient thus copper fastening the Southern Star as the go to place for local news and sport 24/7. In addition to that, an online classifieds booking system was designed for the commercial team and launched as part of the development of their site.


Their Success

Since moving their digital services over to CMG, the Southern Star has seen an increase in their online audience with the average monthly visitor figure now over 66k and monthly page Views over 124k.